4 Mistakes Job Seekers Make With Their LinkedIn Headline

Being on LinkedIn is a must today. Not only can you find recent and relevant job openings, but it also opens up the opportunity for employers and recruiters to find you, for you to do research on the company and specific individuals within the organization, and for you to build your professional network.

Most of LinkedIn’s revenues come from recruiters who use it as a major source for finding talent and you want to make sure you come up in their searches. You also want to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is compelling and gets people to want to contact you.

Your LinkedIn headline is the first thing people will see about you when they search for certain skills, job titles, and keywords inside the platform. Here are some mistakes to avoid making in your LinkedIn headline, and a few tips to improve it:
1. Letting It Default To Your Current Job Title & Company
When you don’t manually change your LinkedIn headline, it’ll default to your current job title and employer name. While it’s alright to leave it like that, especially if you have a self-explanatory job title and work with an employer that is recognized, you can get better results when you take the time to customize it.

Write a LinkedIn headline that’s relevant to your target audience and includes a few keywords (hard skills). The difference is a LinkedIn headline that reads: “Sales & Marketing Executive Sales Management

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