SALARY $66,111.89 – $102,473.43 DEPENDS ON EXPERIENCE

Caldwell County Department of Social Services envisions a community where every person feels included, supported, and valued and every action we take intentionally contributes to the ongoing improvement and strengthening of our community. We strive to create a positive impact and are committed to ensuring the safety and improving the welfare of every citizen we serve.
If you are committed to supporting our mission and want to be a part of our dynamic workforce driven by teamwork and support to improve the lives of every person we encounter, we would love for you to come join our team!
Caldwell County offers competitive salary along with a benefit package that can be tailored to suit your family’s needs.

A position in this class performs a full range of legal services, but is more concentrated on child welfare case law. Employees in this class provide legal support in areas within the agency relating to child welfare, but may also assist in other legal matters within the agency. This position independently prepares for and conducts courtroom litigation, negotiate settlement of cases, prepare legal opinions on cases, and resolve complaints or answer inquiries on legal issues from the public. Employee may represent the agency in criminal appeal cases as assigned. Employees may argue cases before the appellate courts, assist the agency administration in legal matters, and perform related duties as required.
This position works directly with child welfare staff and is responsible for representing the agency in all court hearings, dictating and preparing court orders, issuing subpoenas, maintaining court files and assisting with pre-trial conferences. This position requires an increase in the degree of independence and knowledge of the legal system regarding Child Welfare. This position would also serve as a back-up for Adult Service and Child Support cases. Work requires a significant knowledge of legal procedures and practices as well as the ability to initiate, monitor, review and maintain a variety of documents to comply with the legal standards governing child welfare law. This employee functions independently while under the direction of the lead Child Welfare Attorney and the supervision of the Program Administrator.
  • Employee responsible for dictating and preparing court orders on a weekly basis and
mailing them to the appropriate judge.
  • Responsible for ensuring notices are sent for all court hearings.
  • Responsible for attending pre-trial conferences each week.
  • Responsible for completing necessary steps for newspaper publications
  • Responsible for ensuring subpoenas are sent out for court hearings
  • Responsible for preparing all legal documents and correspondence for juvenile
  • Responsible for conducting court hearing on a weekly basis and any special session
that may be calendared.
  • Employee must be able to work closely with other staff attorneys, supervisors and
social workers
  • Employee must develop good working relationship with community professionals to
enhance the agency’s ability to make the best decision on cases.
  • Employee must have a thorough knowledge of juvenile court documents and be
familiar with adult incompetent documents and child support documents.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Considerable knowledge of case, statutory, regulatory, and common law. Employee must possess ability to conduct civil litigation. Must have ability to interpret and apply constitutional provisions, statues, court decisions, and other precedents. Employee should also be able to analyze facts, evidence, and legal instruments and be able to express conclusions and arguments clearly and logically in oral and written form. Employee must be able to maintain effective working relationships. Employee in this position should have significant knowledge of and ability to use correct grammar, vocabulary, and spelling to compose and/or proofread correspondence, court orders, and other materials. This position requires the ability to learn and work independently. The employee must possess the ability to work with people with courtesy and tact in performing public contact duties that may be sensitive in nature. Must possess a thorough knowledge of Federal/State Child Welfare standards regarding specific language required in court orders, and the appropriate time frames for filing legal documents within the judicial system.
Graduation from an accredited school of law.
Necessary Special Qualification-License to practice law in the state of North Carolina