St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children is an Equal Opportunity Employer


The Covid Tester coordinates and administers Covid test to employees, contractors and volunteers in an effective and efficient manner. Supports Hospital’s mission to provide the highest quality care by complying with regulatory guidelines, meeting agency standards, and obtaining appropriate certification.



  • Sets up each testing station as required for the test. This includes and not limited to sanitizing each station, placing placemats, hand sanitizers, and testing kits.
  • After each test, disinfects each station with appropriate wipes and then re-set each station as stated above.
  • Placement of appropriate number of drops in each test.
  • Sets up timers and maintains times as needed for each test.
  • Maintains a clean environment for testing.
  • Records results of each test on the data sheet while protecting the privacy of each employee.
  • Ensures all employees, contractors, and volunteers signs in and completes consent form, if it is their first time being tested at St. Mary’s.
  • If employee requests test results, completes and returns the form to employee.
  • Inputs results into the dashboard as timing allows.
  • Explains testing procedure to each employee as needed
  • Reports Covid Positives to the Covid Positive Result Distribution List
  • Contacts direct supervisors as positive results occur
  • If an employee results with a positive rapid, conducts a PCR and sends employee home.
  • Runs quality controls as needed for each new lot.
  • Communicates supplies needed with the Materials Management department
  • Monitors expiration dates of all test kits.
  • At the end of each shift, cleans all surfaces and timers. All test kits should be locked up and tests should be entered into the dashboard.

*Weekends and Evenings availability, required*

Formal education required:

High School Diploma or equivalent

Previous experience required:

Experience in a healthcare setting preferred.

Excellent communication and customer service skills