Supplemental Information

This vacancy is located in Jackson, Louisiana at LDH/OAAS/Villa Feliciana Medical Complex in the* HOUSEKEEPING DEPARTMENT *and may be filled by a probation or promotion of a permanent state employee.

As part of a Career Progression Group, vacancies may be filled from this recruitment at a (Custodian 1 and Custodian 2) depending on the level of experience of the selected applicants(s).

  • The minimum salary for the Custodian 1 is $9.50 an hour/$760.00 biweekly*.

The minimum salary for the Custodian 2 is $10.17 an hour/$813.60 biweekly.

Please refer to the ‘Job Specifications’ tab located at the top of the LA Careers “Current Job Opportunities’ page of the Civil Service website for specific information on salary ranges, minimum qualifications and job concepts for each level.
This position also qualifies for longevity premium pay as follows:
0 MOS- 6 MOS $1.00 an hour
6 MOS- 3 YRS $ 1.25 an hour
3- 5 YRS $ 1.50 an hour
5-10 YRS $ 1.75 an hour
10-15 YRS $ 2.00 an hour
15+ YRS $ 2.25 an hour

A Resume will not be accepted in lieu of work experience. An application may be considered incomplete if the work experience and education sections are not completed.

This position is located in East Feliciana Parish, Jackson, Louisiana.

There is no guarantee that all applicants will be interviewed. The hiring manager has 90 days from the closing date of the announcement to make a hiring decision. Should you be selected for an interview, you will be notified by the contact information listed on your application.

All candidates for hire must undergo drug screening and may require additional background check(s).

  • No Civil Service test score* is required in order to be considered for this vacancy.

To apply for this vacancy, click on the “Apply” link above and complete an electronic application, which can be used for this vacancy as well as future job opportunities. Applicants are responsible for checking the status of their application to determine where they are in the recruitment process. Further status message information is located under the Information section of the Current Job Opportunities page.

Resumes WILL NOT be accepted in lieu of completed education and experience sections on your application. Applications may be rejected if incomplete.*


For further information about this vacancy contact:
Office of Aging and Adult Services/Villa Feliciana Medical Complex
Terrie David, Christy Rossin, or Marianne Covington, HR Dept.
P.O. Box 438
Jackson, LA 70748
Phone Number 225-634-4011


No experience or training required.

May be required to demonstrate physical ability to perform manual work.

Job Concepts
Function of Work:
To perform routine manual tasks in maintaining the cleanliness, sanitary conditions, and appearance of state buildings and institutions.

Level of Work:

Supervision Received:
Close from a Custodian 2 or agency supervisor.

Supervision Exercised:

Location of Work:
All state agencies.

Job Distinctions:
Differs from the Custodian 2 by lack of leadworker responsibilities and/or performance of more highly skilled custodian assignments.

Examples of Work
Cleans bathrooms, offices, hallways, and any other assigned areas by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, and polishing.

Empties and decontaminates trash containers.

Disposes of infectious waste when assigned.

Moves, rearranges, and dusts furniture and fixtures.

Mixes or blends routine cleaning solutions to proper concentrations as necessary for various tasks.

Cleans and waxes floors using industrial-size mops and/or machines.

Strips and polishes floors using buffing machines.

Washes blinds, windows, and walls with prescribed solutions.

Sweeps sidewalks, porches, and tiled surfaces.

Operates wet/dry vacuum for cleaning and shampooing carpeted areas.

Strips, decontaminates, and makes beds for patients, residents, students, or inmates.

Maintains equipment; reports needs for painting and minor building or equipment repair to supervisor.

Replaces light bulbs and/or reports safety hazards to supervisor.

Folds and issues clothing and linen when assigned.

Cuts grass, trims shrubs, waters plants, and performs other related duties on the grounds when assigned.

Performs custodial related duties necessary to maintain cleanliness and sanitary conditions.

Performs many varied custodial tasks necessary for the upkeep of buildings and grounds.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $10.17 per hour