Data Collector / Sleep Technician- 30 hours per week, Evenings

Required Qualifications :

  • Three (3) years of related education and/or work experience such as medical research, recruiting, communications, survey interviewing and medical equipment usage and maintenance.
    Experience working with people from diverse racial and economic backgrounds.
  • Computer skills working with Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Experience working with data files.
  • Must have transportation options appropriate to regular evening home visits.

Preferred Qualifications :

  • Fluency in English (listening, reading, writing and speaking).
  • Experience conducting research interviews, data collection and scheduling.
  • Experience performing technical procedures such as sleep monitoring, anthropometry, blood pressures and applying monitoring devices such as Glucose and Heart monitors with research subjects.
  • Experience setting up and maintaining research clinic operations
  • Experience recruiting and retaining participants in a research study
  • Experience with electronic data capture
  • Experience working as part of a team

Certification in all areas of performance will be required. Training will be provided prior to the beginning of study operations.

Job Duties :

The Technician for this component of the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) will be responsible for the following:

  • Contact 4 to 5 research participants per week
  • Schedule and conduct evening visits in participant homes
  • Administer consent forms
  • Attach sleep monitoring equipment and explain the procedures involved with use of the polysomnography, physical activity monitoring devices, and 24 Blood Pressure monitors
  • Administer sleep questionnaires and explain use of the sleep diary
  • Download and review study data and electronically transfer data to the off-site “Reading Center”
  • Prepare participant feedback letters.

Each visit is anticipated to take between 60 to 90 minutes, with up to an additional 1 hour of transportation.

This position requires experience in garnering trust and ensuring confidentiality to establish excellent rapport with study participants.

Additional duties as assigned.