We are seeking a qualified individual to work closely with the Environmental Division of the Directorate of Public Works at the Fort Bliss Army Installation in El Paso, TX to provide Hazardous Materials, Solid Waste, and Environmental Compliance Programs support as outlined below.

The Division requires daily technical support for management of hazardous materials (HM) and pesticides (HM/P). A goal of the HM/P management is reducing the regulatory burden on the installation by reducing the generation of waste, and emissions to air and water. Fort Bliss is required to manage HM/P brought, stored, and consumed on the installation property; these tasks will be IAW the Hazardous Materials Management Plan (HMMP). All HM/P are tracked using the Enterprise Environmental Safety and Occupational Health- Management Information System (EESOH-MIS). All operations are centered with EESOH- MIS, and are managed by the Logistics Readiness Command (LRC) via the Haz-Mart. The EESOH-MIS is used to create authorized use lists (AUL), maintain inventories, HM/P usage, procure HM/P, manage individual Work Centers, and report the various chemical components in each material and their physical and chemical properties. These parameters are used to prepare an air emission inventory and calculate permit emission rates and prepare Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) reports. Many of these reports are submitted to the state or federal agency by specific deadlines, therefore, it is critical to track and validate the HM quantity consumed on Fort Bliss.

Fort Bliss Army Installation is an active training facility located in the extreme western part of the State of Texas at El Paso and the south-central area of the State of New Mexico. The Installation occupies approximately 1.2 million acres covering two states and three counties. Our client, the Environmental Division of its Directorate of Public Works is responsible for the oversight of the installation’s natural and cultural resources ensuring compliance with environmental policy, programs, and legislation, managing the Region Environmental Program in support of the Army’s environmental strategy for pollution prevention, compliance, restoration, and conservation.


  • Records and Data Management Requirements.
    • Manage the data compiled from EESOH-MIS, field surveys and inventories to create the necessary annual reports (Tier II and TRI). EESOH-MIS reporting will be a consolidated report of the hazardous materials (products) that exceed the Tier II reporting threshold and TRI thresholds, quantity of each, location by state (Texas vs. New Mexico), Work Center of origination, and chemical /pollutant (chemical name and Chemical Abstract Serial [CAS]#) release in total weight in pound and ton (US Customary).
    • Integration of Records and Data with EPIMS and GIS.
    • Collect and compile pesticide information and usage data from the various approved pesticide users, to include those users found not approved by the installation.
  • Solid Waste, Illegal Dumping Inspection & Database Update.
    • Perform illegal dumping inspections of the Texas and New Mexico access roads, shipping and hauling routes, tanks trails or routes, Castner Range, and other areas where illegal dumping is frequent.
  • Solid Waste, Scrap Tire Program Support Inspection & Database Update.
    • Perform weekly inspection of the scrap tire yard within the Bliss Cantonment and ensure DD 1348-1A Turn-in Documentation are provided to the Defense Logistics Agency representatives on a weekly basis.
  • Training and Work Center Coordination.
    • Train Work Center personnel and the EOs at the Work Center on EESOH-MIS with the purpose of establishing a foundation of knowledge and skill necessary to request and obtain access to EESOH-MIS, create an AUL, order materials to include hazardous materials, manage materials inventory and usage, understand, and process self-life extension and other task related to the units HMMP functional area
  • EPAAS Liaison
    • Responsible for overall communication, coordination, consolidation, and, in general terms, reviews the entire report, briefing, and audit protocols to ensure consistency with EPAAS IAP and ICAP reporting (internal and external) for the Branch.
    • Coordinate & Schedule Audit with Environmental Officer or Facility Manager.
    • Aid with administrative and logistical support.


This position will not have supervisory authority.


  • Education: The Contractor employee will have at least an Associate Degree from an accredited university, college or institution in the physical or biological sciences, engineering, mathematics, environmental health, or environmental policy.
  • Work Experience: At least one (1) year of experience in an engineering or science related field such as a technical writer, surveyor, field and laboratory technicians, etc. The work experience (at a minimum) is a qualifier since the performance requirements are of a technical and highly complex verbiage for the Contractor employee to understand “shop talk,” able to read plans, procedures, and other tasks to provides a scientific label. The program manager, at the discretion of the Government, can train, guide, and instruct the Contractor personnel on environmental program requirements, rules and regulations.


  • Be proficient in the use of Microsoft® Office suite of software in particular MS Word®, MS Excel®, and MS Access®.
  • Must be able to communicate clearly and succinctly in English, and able to read and write effectively in English. Spanish a plus.
  • Must be capable of working independently or as a team as circumstances dictate.
  • Must possess and maintain a driver’s license.
  • Ability to successfully pass a drug screen and federal background check is a must.
  • Cherokee Federal employees are included as covered employees in U.S. Presidential Executive Order 14042, which mandates Covid vaccines for federal contractors. Executive Order 14042 is currently blocked from enforcement pending court proceedings. Therefore, Cherokee Federal is halting the application of the mandate; however, if the injunction is lifted, Cherokee Federal will restore administration of the vaccine requirement.


The duties of this position are performed 50% in a climate-controlled office environment and 50% in the field. No travel is anticipated.


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