Climate Zone is looking for an experienced HVAC Technician to join our team in Haverhill, MA. The HVAC Technician will be responsible for performing HVAC servicing, maintenance, and repairs for our clients. The HVAC Technician should have experience diagnosing issues, explaining them to customers, performing repairs, and offering alternative solutions. The ideal HVAC Technician candidate will have strong attention to detail and previous HVAC experience. The HVAC Technician must be able to repair HVAC systems and replace components such as transformers, thermostats, and compressors. They will order and collect parts once the customer gives approval and communicate any challenges with the supervisor.

To ensure success, your customer skills should be as good as your technical aptitude and you need to be well-versed in safety precautions. Top candidates are detail-oriented, organized, and friendly.

HVAC Technician Responsibilities

  • Cleaning, adjusting, and repairing HVAC systems, and performing warranty services.
  • Troubleshooting defective HVAC systems and equipment to make diagnoses.
  • Performing preventative maintenance by cleaning reheat coils and air handling units, and monitoring and calibrating air handling units.
  • Improving air quality by cleaning ducts to optimize efficiency.
  • Fixing, replacing, and adjusting vents, and ductwork.
  • Ensuring the condensation drain line is free of debris and draining properly.
  • Performing emergency repairs promptly and efficiently.
  • Keeping daily logs and records of maintenance functions.
  • Maintaining service truck.
  • Ensuring compliance with appliance standards and with Health and Safety Act.

HVAC Technician Requirements

  • High school diploma, GED, or suitable equivalent.
  • 3-5 years of commercial HVAC experience.
  • Valid driver’s license and good driving record.
  • Proficient electrical and mechanical diagnostic skills.
  • Excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills.
  • Proficient in reading schematics and work plans.
  • Ability to work after hours, over weekends, and on public holidays with short or no notice.
  • Physically agile, dexterous, and able to work in confined spaces.