Primary Purpose

  • Including but not limited to assisting adult students in enrolling in adult education literacy and workforce development classes and transition to careers or post-secondary education. This position is responsible for introducing and referring students to resource programs, coaching students in every facet of their career search, including resume writing, cover letter preparation, practice interviews, networking, job search assistance, thank you letters, and all other related career planning needs. The Intake/Transition Specialist will conduct outreach activities to secure employer partnerships and wrap-around services for student career placement and success. The Intake/Transition Specialist will participate in weekly Interdepartmental Multi-Disciplinary Team (IMDT) meetings with other county departments participating in the Access Harris program and serve as a content expert for matters about Harris County Department of Education, maintain client information within a shared Access Harris Database, and assist in identifying clients and with accessing resources identified within the Access Harris system. Engage in collaborative problem solving for integrated care management involving all IMDT clients during weekly meetings. Communicate and coordinate as appropriate with all team members outside meetings. Provide subject matter input on the development of the ACCESS Harris Initiative Watson Care Manager technology. Participate in quarterly quality improvement reviews along with the HCPH IMDT Manager and HCPH Violence Prevention Cohort Manager, overseeing specialized cohorts, as overseeing specialized cohorts, as needed.



  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

Special Knowledge/Skills

  • Bilingual skills desired
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills
  • Effective organizational and management skills.
  • General knowledge of computer systems and software applications
  • Demonstrated public relations/marketing abilities
  • Ability to work effectively within an ethnic, cultural, and socially diverse student population
  • Knowledge of local area vocational and post-secondary programs desired
  • Working knowledge of field services/departmental policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Knowledge of community resources and program development
  • Demonstrate good decision-making skills and sustain a high level of judgement


  • Three years of experience in recruiting, student services, or career advising
  • Knowledge of workforce development, post-secondary education, and adult education desired

Major Responsibilities And Duties

  • Meet one-on-one with Adult Education students and determines individual training, educational, and career interest to triage them to an appropriate program.
  • Ensure any student service issues are effectively managed to a successful resolution, providing a clear and customer-focused summary of the issue resolution to all relevant staff and if appropriate to any external parties.
  • Serve as the primary liaison between the university, its students and alumni, and potential employers on a state, regional, national, and international scale.
  • Work closely with workforce centers to facilitate student access to job search resources and training opportunities offered by the workforce system, including use of online resource and site visits.
  • Serve as adviser and interfaces with representatives of industrial, governmental, and educational employers to assist in the most effective use of career services’ efforts.
  • Assist in supporting the marketing of the Adult Education Career Empowerment Program and departmental efforts.
  • Serve as a liaison between adult education, its students, and potential employers on a state, regional, and national scale.
  • Serve as adviser and interfaces with representatives of industrial, governmental, and educational employers to assist in the most effective use of career services’ efforts.
  • Assist in supporting the marketing of the adult education program.
  • Develop new contacts with external organizations for the purpose of expanding employment and wrap around service opportunities for students.
  • Assist in the on-site recruitment and interviewing processes as well as resume referral and job-listing services for current students.
  • Constantly monitor, analyze, and evaluate current scope of services offered through the career empowerment department and plan, implement, and direct new programs under the supervision of the Career Pathway Manager.
  • Provide career advising expertise to students and regarding the job-search process, interviewing, resume, and letter writing, and all other facets of career planning.
  • Conduct workshops, seminars, and other presentations to student, teachers, and employers.
  • Coordinate with instructors on the implementation of career readiness awareness curricula.
  • Follow up and maintain accurate and complete records of student attainment of employment and transition to post-secondary education goals.
  • Speak to different community-based organizations to explain the value of the Adult Education Career Empowerment Program as well as the benefits received by the local businesses.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.