Supplemental Information
Must be a permanent classified employee of Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East.

2 years of experience as a Levee Foreman A and CDL license is preferred.
No Civil Service test score* is required in order to be considered for this vacancy.

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For further information about this vacancy contact:

Shannon West
Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East


Three years of experience in the operation of heavy mobile equipment, industrial machinery, construction or maintenance equipment, or the operation and/or maintenance of transportation or materials handling equipment.

A combination of the various types of experience will be accepted.

Job Concepts
Function of Work:
To provide supervision, guidance, logistical support, and limited administration to workers engaged in levee maintenance activities.

Level of Work:

Supervision Received:
General from Levee Foreman C or other managerial or administrative personnel of the levee district.

Supervision Exercised:
Direct over Heavy Mobile Equipment Operator 1 and/or 2, and other lower level personnel engaged in levee maintenance.

Location of Work:
Levee Districts, Statewide.

Job Distinctions:
Differs from Levee Foreman A by the responsibility for full supervision of Heavy Mobile Equipment Operator 1 and/or 2 in addition to other lower level personnel.

Differs from Levee Foreman C by the absence of supervisory responsibility over other Levee Foremen.

Examples of Work
Supervises subordinate personnel and directs all activities in maintaining, repairing, and modifying levees.

Assigns work to subordinate Heavy Mobile Equipment Operators 1, Mobile Equipment Operators 1 and 2, Laborers, and other lower level personnel.

Inspects subordinates’ work while in progress and upon completion.

Performs limited administrative functions (approves leave, time and attendance, etc.)

Evaluates work performance of subordinates.

May supervise crews through subordinate Levee Foreman A when necessary.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $3,117.00 – $5,590.00 per month