Lunchroom/Playground Supervisor


Ability to work well with others & communicate effectively with supervisor.
Friendly and shows patience with children.
Works well with children.
Agility & mobility with physical stamina to move about hard & soft play areas.


1. Organizes students as they enter the cafeteria into orderly lines for purchasing of food.

2. Maintains order within the cafeteria.

3. Maintains visibility by circulating among the tables and helps children who need help and resolves minor problems that might arise.

4. Informs teacher and/or principal of any serious problems arising within the cafeteria.

5. Immediately notifies principal or administrative assistant in the event of a discipline problem that is considered to be serious.

6. Supervises dismissal of students from lunchroom.

7. Maintains the rules of the cafeteria and is consistent with discipline.

8. Notifies the custodian of any large spills and provides assistance keeping table tops clean.

9. Maintains a pleasant and positive attitude with the children in the lunchroom.

10. Observes all time schedules for arrival and dismissal of children from the cafeteria.

11. Move about the play area (hard & soft surfaces) and move quickly to students who are posing a risk to themselves or others.


1. Directs the orderly and organized movement of students to and from the playground in an orderly and organized manner.

2. Organizes activities on the playground by directing students.

3. Periodically inspects the safety of equipment on the playground and report any safety concerns. Responds immediately to any safety complaints made by students.

4. Assumes responsibility for play equipment used by children on the playground.

5. Consistently carries through with the rules established by the principal.

6. Sends students to the health room aide/nurse on matters that require immediate medical attention.

7. Follows through with communication with principal or teacher on students who are disruptive or don’t follow the rules established for the playground.

8. Notifies principal of serious accidents on the playground and completes all necessary forms for reporting student accidents.

9. Maintains a pleasant and enthusiastic attitude while on the job.

10. Move about the play area (hard & soft surfaces) and move quickly to students who are posing a risk to themselves or others.