Under general supervision, this position is responsible for operating various types of heavy equipment to support construction and maintenance operations including loading and transferring construction materials, clearing highway right-of-ways, constructing roadways, and performing vegetation control functions for slopes and embankments within the District.

Examples of Work

The following examples are intended only as illustrations of various types of work performed. No attempt is made to be exhaustive. Related, similar, or other logical duties are performed as assigned. The Department may require employees to perform functions beyond those contained in job descriptions. The Department may modify job descriptions based on Department needs. The Arkansas Department of Transportation is an “at will” employer.

Essential Job Functions

  • Transport and drive heavy equipment to job sites and maneuver into safe and efficient working position frequently.
  • Operate heavy equipment involved in various maintenance activities such as mowing, culvert installation, excavation, cutting ditches, sealing, etc. frequently.
  • Operate single or multi-axle dump truck hauling highway construction or maintenance materials frequently.
  • Use power equipment as well as small hand tools (such as shovels and rakes) to make repairs to highways frequently.
  • Maintain control of grass and weeds using chemicals and mowing with large tractors and gang mowers. Mow shoulders and embankment slopes on right-of-ways with large tractors and gang mowers frequently.
  • Flag traffic and perform clean-up duties frequently.
  • Pick up litter (including large tires, dead animals, garbage, etc.) frequently.
  • Load, unload and stack bags of salt, sand, cement, chemicals, etc. frequently.
  • Assist crewmembers in setting up, moving and taking down signs and cones for work zones.
  • Respond to call-out for emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week (such as natural disasters, severe weather, traffic accidents, etc.) occasionally.
  • Work during ice and snow removal operations occasionally.

Secondary Job Functions

  • Ensure regular preventive maintenance is performed on equipment as well as doing minor repairs and field maintenance as necessary.
  • Clean up Department property and right-of-ways using industrial weed eaters, brush hooks, chain saws, pole saws, limb saws and other small power equipment.
  • Assist in training employees in the operation of commercial vehicles to prepare them for testing to obtain their commercial driver’s license.

Minimum Requirements

Education and Experience: Ability to read, write and speak the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public, to understand highway traffic signs and signals in the English language, and to make entries on reports and records. Tractor and/or heavy equipment operation experience.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Knowledge of heavy equipment capacities and repair as well as emergency operating procedures. Basic math and computer skills. Ability to communicate effectively with others. Basic knowledge of local street and highway names/numbers. Demonstrated ability to safely operate and maintain vehicles and heavy equipment.

Physical Requirements: Ability to work with hand tools and small power equipment. Ability to climb up and down hills and grades as well as in and out of vehicles and equipment. Ability to stand and walk for extended periods. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds with or without reasonable accommodation.

Working Conditions: Ability to perform assigned duties in all types of weather as well as other work conditions, e.g. noise, dust and fumes.

Licenses, Registrations and Certifications: Valid Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL) with tanker (“N”) endorsement. Certification by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service for pesticide/herbicide application in the Right-of-Way category preferred.

A pre-employment drug/alcohol test will be conducted after a contingent offer of employment or transfer has been made, and prior to the candidate performing any work for the Department in that capacity. Internal applicants who are already in a safety-sensitive position will not be subject to pre-employment drug/alcohol testing; however, offers to internal applicants who are not in a safety-sensitive position will be contingent upon pre-employment drug/alcohol testing. Subject to additional drug/ alcohol testing according to the provisions of the ARDOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program.

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