Nature of Work

Under general direction, the Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO) I performs analytical and administrative work in support of the acquisition of goods and services by City departments. The work generally includes development and management of competitive solicitations. All work is to be conducted in accordance with the City Code, federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations, and administrative orders. The PCO I may be eligible for promotion within the PCO job family upon successfully satisfying the requirements of the higher rank, ability to work independently, and receiving consistently positive performance evaluations.

Illustrative Examples of Essential Duties

  • Perform necessary purchasing procedures for the acquisition of goods, services or constructions contracts. The duties may include:
    • Research existing needs to match current market availability;
    • Identify and notify potential sources;
    • Prepare and analyze specifications and competitive sealed quotes or bids;
    • Develop, issue, manage, evaluate, and analyze, and conduct due diligence of bids;
    • Conduct pre-bid conferences;
    • Prepare and issue addenda;
    • Prepare Commission award recommendation documents; and
    • Provide necessary documentation to clerical staff, departments, divisions, officials, and vendors.

  • Coordinate purchasing procedures among departments and divisions:
    • Compile department and division requests for similar products and services.
    • Serve as liaison between the Purchasing Department and other government departments and divisions.

  • Perform related duties as required.
    • Plan, organize and update project status and files;
    • Review new marketplace products and services;
    • Participate in planning and improving Purchasing Department operation;
    • Assume the responsibilities of Purchasing Analyst upon request;
    • Perform work to determine source of products, goods, and services; and
    • Evaluate suppliers, goods, services, bids, and proposals.

  • Maintain the integrity of the public procurement process.
  • Maintain current knowledge base of recent developments in the purchasing field:
  • Research market sources and suppliers to locate and ensure the most cost-effective and competitive pricing for the purchase of supplies and services.
  • Engage in procurement planning with client departments. Routinely meet and communicate with client departments to identify and provide high-quality service to meet client service delivery requirements on a timely basis. Provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date information in a courteous, efficient, and timely manner.
  • Effectively communicate purchasing policies and procedures to all personnel and interpret said policies and procedures, as necessary.
  • Confers with consultants, contractors, and suppliers in order to acquaint them with procurement policies and procedures and to obtain information on required products and services.
  • Reviews requisitions and confers with departments regarding requirements, specifications, quantity, quality, and delivery. Recommends alternatives that would result in greater value.
  • Assists with negotiations with consultants and contractors regarding scope of work, prices, terms, and conditions, as needed.
  • Prepare and maintain detailed individual workload statistics and accurate records and documentation on all solicitations, responses, purchases, contracts, correspondence, meetings, and related follow-up.
  • Perform other related duties as required.

Minimum Requirements

Education and Training: A bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Public Administration, Business Administration, or a related field from an accredited college or university.

Work-Related Experience: Minimum of one (1) years of verifiable experience in a professional purchasing position; or verifiable experience equivalent to (5) years in a position with duties closely related to those of the position: or five (5) years of verifiable training and/or experience combining the responsibilities and education listed above.

Required Certifications: Certified Public Procurement Buyer (CPPB), or NIGP Certified Procurement Professional (CPP) preferred. Must obtain the CPPB or CPP within two (2) years of being placed in this position.

Physical Requirements:

  • Must have the use of sensory skills to effectively communicate and interact with other employees and the public through the use of the telephone, computer, and personal contact.

For all positions:
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with elected officials, coworkers, the press the general public and members of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds regardless of race, religion, age, sex, disability, political affiliation, gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • Ability to serve the public and fellow employees with honesty and integrity in full accord with the letter and spirit of all city ethics and conflicts of interest policies. Strong understanding of ethical behavior is required.
  • Ability to maintain regular and punctual attendance.
  • Performs related work as required.
  • Reports to work as directed during an emergency as an essential employee of the City of Miami Beach.

For all technical, professional, supervisory and managerial positions:
  • Ability to develop innovative and creative solutions to issues consistent with the City’s strategic plan.

Applicants must detail any related work experience on the application or risk disqualification
. It is the applicant’s responsibility to update their NEOGOV profile with work experience, education, certifications and personal contact information when submitting each application, failure to do so will result in ineligibility. City of Miami Beach employees must reflect their current position and detail their work experience on the application to avoid being disqualified.

Veterans Preference: Veterans Preference is awarded in accordance with Florida State Statute 295.07. If veteran’s preference is being claimed, it must be indicated on the application form and proper documentation, including all forms DD-214 (either Member 2 or Member 4), as well as the final Department of Defense Disability Letter (dated within one year) must be submitted with the application.