PUBLIC SAFETY DEPUTY – CERTIFIED This position is open to applicants who currently hold SFO or LEO Certifications from Utah POST and have a minimum of one year experience The Public Safety Bureau is responsible for a wide variety of law enforcement functions across the Salt Lake Valley. Deputies transition between law enforcement and client focused community policing as situations demand. This position is both challenging and rewarding; duties include: * General law enforcement at government campuses * Arresting, transporting, and booking people into a custodial facility as needed * Court Security; including bailiff services * Executive protection for county council, elected officials, judges, and other employees * Monitoring select county infrastructures to help ensure the safety of Salt Lake County citizens, visitors, and employees * Conducting comprehensive security assessments of vulnerabilities at county facilities Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office provides a comprehensive benefits package: * $48,580.15 to $65,472.74 annually, depending on experience * Education incentive allowance up to $900/year * Flexible medical and dental insurance options * 100% Tuition reimbursement up to $5,250/year * Vacation starting at 8 hours/month * Sick leave starting at 8 hours/month * 11 paid holidays/year * $1200 uniform allowance first year and $300 ballistic vest voucher * $900 uniform allowance each year after * Participation in the Utah Retirement Systems Plan To apply for a Public Safety Deputy – Lateral the following is required: * U.S. Citizenship or have lived in the country for at least five years and have legal authorization to work * 21 years of age by hire date * Valid Utah Driver’s license at the time of hire * High school diploma or equivalent (GED) * No disqualifying criminal history. Details can be found on Utah Department of Public Safety’s website. * Must hold current SFO or LEO certification from Utah POST * Must have one year experience Additionally, a successful candidate will have these attributes to become a Deputy Sheriff: * Possess and demonstrates a high level of integrity * The ability to use good judgement and problem solving * The ability to communicate effectively both orally and writing * Show of Empathy and compassion when necessary * Be confident in yourself and able to be firm when applicable * Ability to demonstrate courage and to take responsibility * Ability to be resourceful and show initiative * The ability to Learn and process information * Capacity for engaging in teamwork and ability to collaborate Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

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