JOB SUMMARY Supervises and sets goals for individual children to ensure their continued physical, social/emotional, and cognitive development. Due to the nature of this position, the successful applicant must pass a required background investigation. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS * Supervises children to ensure their safety using appropriate behavior management techniques. * Provides a safe, clean, and attractive learning environment for children. Utilizes appropriate learning materials. * Plans and implements developmentally appropriate activities for children in all of the six (6) child development areas to provide quality daily experiences in a stimulating atmosphere. * Sets goals for individual children to ensure their continued development and measures children’s physical, social/emotional, and cognitive growth through testing/evaluation instruments. Communicates children’s progress to parents/guardians. * Maintains child attendance and other required records relating to goal setting, testing/evaluation, behavior, and health. * Provides orientation and training to staff and volunteers regarding job duties and applicable rules and regulations. * Assigns jobs to staff and volunteers; assists supervisors in evaluating performance. * Assists in ordering and serving daily meals and snacks. Monitors and records number of meals and snacks ordered and served each day following food reimbursement program guidelines. * Maintains cleanliness of food serving and eating areas. Monitors children’s hand washing. * Arranges and supervises field trips by selecting appropriate off-site opportunities; drives assigned County vehicles as necessary. * Attends training to meet current required licensing requirements on annual training hours. TEMPORARY POSITIONS: An “At Will”, FLSA non-exempt employee who is not eligible for County benefits and who must work an average of 29 hours or less per week or an average of 129 hours or less per month. * Must work an average of 29 hours or less per week or an average of 129 hours or less per month. * Are not eligible for County benefits except as otherwise provided for by policy. * Are not considered merit employees. * Are “at will” employees who may be terminated for any reason, without notice, and without a pre-termination hearing. WORKING CONDITIONS AND PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Position requires the ability to walk extensive distances, kneel, bend, and stand for long periods of time, climb stairs while transporting medical equipment, twisting and lifting heavy equipment, lift backboards and transport patients up or down stairs. Must have weeknight and weekend availability. All certifications/licenses must be current. Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled

Salt Lake County