College Division:

Dept Number/Name: 0-0170-000 / Office of Compliance & Ethics

Salary Plan: Administrative

Job Code/Title: 9771 / Title IX Case Manager

Hiring Salary/Salary Range: $45,000-$50,000

Position Number: 00050840

Schedule: Hybrid work Schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri, work from home. Tues/Thurs work in office.


The Office of Compliance & Ethics (Compliance & Ethics) is responsible for coordinating and managing all University of South Florida’s compliance and ethics activities. Our office provides assurance to the USF Board of Trustees that such activities are reasonably designed, implemented, enforced, and effective in preventing and detecting violations of law, regulations, and policies, as well as violations of ethical principles of conduct. USF’s commitment to maintaining an inclusive campus environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, and violence is a cornerstone of USF’s Pillars of Community. As USF develops programs, policies, and procedures that foster our vision of a community that cherishes justice, accessibility, and meaningful participation by all of its members, the University aligns its efforts to comply with various civil rights laws that prohibit gender- and sex-based discrimination. Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on the sex (gender) of employees and students of educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance. Title IX’s prohibition of sex discrimination includes prohibition of sexual harassment as well as sexual and relationship violence.


Reporting to the Title IX Coordinator, the Title IX Case Manager for Title IX/VAWA Compliance will be responsible for the day-to-day management and tracking of harassment and discrimination reports as well as providing consistency and stability in the office through administrative support. This includes monitoring the intake of reported violations of nondiscrimination policies to the main office email, provides initial outreach and response, manages the data collection, input, and analysis of files in the case management system. The ideal candidate will have the aptitude to work independently, multitask, take initiative, and handle highly sensitive and confidential information appropriately. This position requires a hybrid work schedule. The Case Manager will work remotely three days a week and on site at the Tampa campus two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday)


Assists with the intake, outreach, response to allegations of violations of the Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Harassment policy.
With Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator, serves as the first point-of-contact with faculty, staff, students, and guests of the university who report allegations of harassment and discrimination, including greeting guests to the Compliance & Ethics office.
Conducts preliminary meetings and intake screenings for reports of discrimination and harassment by students and employees.
Assists in the seamless facilitation and implementation of supportive measures for complainants, respondents, and witnesses.
Maintains a case log of all reports, active investigations and assignment of investigations to the Title IX/VAWA staff.
Serves as a note taker in investigative meetings.
Serves as a point of contact and maintains regular communication with parties to provide updates on the status of cases.
Conducts weekly case management meetings with Title IX/VAWA Compliance staff.
Assists with internal audits.

Organizes and maintains case records within the case management system.
Pulls data for reports and inquiries including but not limited to: Clery, annual office reports, and any other reports requested.
Prepares an annual report for the office.
Oversees the record retention for cases.

Provides general office support two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday).
Prepares files and reports to be shared with parties and as instructed.
Assists in redacting materials, when necessary.
Coordinates day-to-day activities to relieve the Title IX Coordinator and Title IX staff of routine matters; using independent judgment, determine what information requires immediate attention of the Title IX staff and refers other matters to appropriate staff and departments.
Two days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) responsible for office reception duties including welcoming guests and answering office phone.
Scans hardcopy case files into the electronic database.
Prioritize work and tasks.

Represents Title IX/VAWA Compliance at various university events distributing materials and answering questions.
Gathers formal feedback and provides survey to parties of formal investigations and reviews survey responses to identify trends and makes recommendations for process improvement.
Assists in preparing outreach materials for Title IX/VAWA Compliance.

Other duties as assigned.



The position requires a Bachelor’s degree and two years of case management experience. Experience handling confidential/sensitive information. Experience working with Microsoft Office products.


Master’s degree in Social Work.
Prior experience working in higher education.
Prior experience providing consultation to university faculty, staff, and administration.
Prior experience exercising trauma informed approach and/or care.
Demonstrated participation in programs designed to promote diversity and inclusion.
Knowledge of policies, regulations, guidelines, and administrative practices related to discrimination/harassment reports and investigations.
Excellent written, verbal communication skills.
Ability to manage multiple, ongoing, complex case load.
Experience with Maxient.


Experience working with Microsoft Office products, utilizing databases such as Maxient and Excel, and electronic calendaring systems.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills as demonstrated through application materials and references.
Experience in roles requiring strong organizational skills as demonstrated by application materials.
Ability to manage multiple, on-going, and complex caseload of Title IX related incidents and complaints.
Ability to build relationships and establish collaborative partnerships across the institution.
Demonstrated ability to exercise high-level of discretion and good judgment.
Attention to detail as demonstrated by application materials. Experience working with marginalized population as demonstrated by application materials.