Six months of experience climbing and pruning trees AND must meet the physical and medical standards*. When required to operate motor vehicles, candidates must possess a valid New York State driver’s license appropriate for the type of vehicle to be operated.

  • Candidates who meet both of the following MAY be eligible to bypass the pre-employment physical: A valid CDL A or B AND a current (less than 2 years old) CDL Medical Certificate (MCSA 5876) that meets specific criteria which will be discussed at the time of interview.

Cannabis use is not permitted for employees in this title and assignment. Cannabis use will be tested for during the pre-employment screening process and may be the basis for disqualification for employment or may be a basis for removal from employment.

Duties Description

Under the direction of a Tree Pruning Supervisor, a Tree Pruner works as a member of a tree crew engaged in full-time tree operations, and uses equipment and tools such as chainsaws, climbing equipment, ropes, ladders, chippers, stump grinders and aerial boom trucks for the purposes of pruning, lopping, and felling trees along State Right of Way.

Duties include but not limited to: Prunes/trims branches using climbing equipment, rigs ropes and tackle for self, tools, and for limb or tree removal, cuts down trees using chain or hand saws, operates Aerial Boom trucks, operates chippers and stump grinders, maintains equipment, performs snow and ice control related duties which include operating a large dump truck with plow and salt spreader, must have climbing and tree removal experience.

Candidate selected must be able to respond to emergency call outs within one (1) hour during inclement weather, including snow and ice conditions.

Additional Comments

The starting salary for a Tree Pruner is $58,944. This amount is comprised of the base salary of $45,518 with an additional location pay differential of $3,026 and geographic pay differential of $10,400 specific to this title and location.