Vehicle Maintenance Lead Technician

This is NOT your “Father’s” Railway Company! Come join an industry leader using new technology for commuter rail services.

Denver Transit Operators, (DTO) is a privately held company that has a 29-year contract with RTD to operate and maintain the new commuter rail system within the Greater Denver Metro area. What Will You Do?

The Vehicle Maintenance Lead Technician’s role is a working supervisor role in the Vehicle Maintenance Department. The Lead is a combination of a highly skilled technician and a floor supervisor. As a leader, it is expected that the lead technician spends the majority of their time on the shop floor assigning technicians their duties and assisting their team of Vehicle Maintenance Technicians with those duties. As a highly skilled technician, it is expected that the lead assists other technicians with troubleshooting and repairing the various subsystems on DTO’s fleet of EMU’s. The lead needs to have a good understanding of how each system operates, along with how to troubleshoot to the root cause using various test equipment efficiently and safely and then correct the defect using the approved procedures. The Lead is expected to know how to access training materials, maintenance manuals, testing procedures and repair procedures and to instruct their team on how to perform the repairs. In the leadership role, the lead is to be on the shop floor ensuring the technicians are working safely and efficiently, coaching and mentoring on performance related to safety and quality of work, building their skillsets. The lead should ensure they are utilizing their resources (labor, parts, time, etc.) efficiently and provide on the job coaching and guidance to other team members and contractors. The lead should receive their assignments from the Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor and then assign tasks to their team throughout the shiftThis is a safety sensitive position subject to the rules & regulations of the Federal Railroad Administration and their Drug & Alcohol policy.


Our Repair Technicians can expect to earn an hourly wage between $31.85 – $37.00 depending on experience, education & training. Your performance & pay are reviewed and increases possible after successful completion of 6-months & 1-year of service and there after annually on your date of hire.

Description of Duties:


  • Comply with all Federal railroad Administration (FRA), Company Rules, Standard Operating Practices, policies and procedures and safety rules
  • Identify safety risks, take action to prevent safety risk and report risk to supervisors
  • Maintain Hours of Service per FRA regulations
  • Promote a safe working environment through your own actions and coach others on safe behavior


  • Support the successful and safe implementation of the maintenance and operating plan
  • Support operational and equipment availability requirements

Technical Skills (Mechanical and Electrical)

  • Knowledge of the major sub systems (brakes, propulsion, ATC/PTC)
  • Knowledge of the FRA regulations relating to commuter rail EMU’s (229,238)
  • Experience troubleshooting and repairing various sub systems of the DTO fleet of EMU’s
  • Ensure repairs are completed according to FRA and DTO standards and procedures
  • Respond to service failures in the yard or line of road as needed
  • High mechanical aptitude
  • Familiarity and proven ability to effectively use various computer-based programs such as Assetworks, Microsoft Office, etc.


  • Lead a team of Vehicle Maintenance Technicians to accomplish the goals set by the VM supervisor and VM management team
  • Provide positive and verbal corrective coaching to the technicians related to the areas of safety, regulatory compliance and efficiency, escalating issues to a supervisor when necessary
  • Instruct other Vehicle Maintenance Technicians in repair procedures, troubleshooting, safety precautions and maintenance techniques, as required.
  • Act as a technical resource to technicians to assist in the repair and inspection of railcars
  • Ensure all policies and procedures are followed by the team, escalating concerns to supervisors when necessary
  • Ensure service request and work orders are successfully completed
  • Identify and implement, under the guidance of the VM Management team, opportunities to improve efficiently and safety
  • Increase the technical skill level and soft skills of their team through technical training and mentoring
  • Ability to take personal accountability, be adaptable and a problem solver.
  • Maintain an elevated level of reliability

Technician Duties that a Lead Must Perform

  • Uses electrical/electronic testing and diagnostic equipment and associated tools to inspect, troubleshoot, and maintain Commuter Rail Vehicles.
  • Locates, diagnoses and Repairs/overhauls trouble in mechanical, electrical, HVAC, pneumatic air brakes, gear drive units, wheels, suspension systems and propulsion systems using test equipment and laptop computers.
  • Interprets test results to diagnose malfunctions and plans troubleshooting procedures using schematics, diagrams, technical manuals, and expertise
  • Installs, maintains, repairs, and modifies electrical wiring and equipment such as motors, generators, power control systems, HVAC climate control units, CCTV, communication systems and related electronic systems
  • Performs inspections and repairs to Pantograph on the roof the vehicles.
  • Replaces and/or repairs accessory parts such as headlights, mirrors, windows, seats, and performs door adjustments
  • Tests, repairs, and modifies electrical, mechanical, and electronic systems
  • Maintains and repairs re-rail equipment, shop machinery, and power tools, as assigned
  • Energizes and de-energizes the overhead traction power system within the maintenance shop when required for testing, maintenance, and repair of LRVs.
  • References manufacturer schematics including blueprints, schematics, drawings, and specifications, (manual and online), to resolve maintenance issues.
  • Documents and records work activities such as repairs made, parts usage and work in progress using a computer-based maintenance tracking system to maintain proper records
  • Reads and interprets schematics, service and safety manuals including schematic symbols, electrical drawings and circuit operations.
  • Performs major repair to vehicles involved in accidents.
  • Uses diagnostic test equipment and precision measuring devices in the work; verifies performance of new or modified systems or equipment.
  • Measures, tests, and inspects completed work to confirm adherence to specifications.
  • safely operates a variety of vehicles and equipment in the normal performance of duties.
  • Troubleshoot emergencies and/or operational problems, diagnoses problems and responds to off-site emergencies
  • Practices safe work processes and contributes to the creation and maintenance of a safe working environment for self and others
  • Follows maintenance Standard Operating Procedures and instructions.
  • Operates specialized shop machinery in a safe and efficient manner including but not limited to: Overhead Cranes, Sandblasters, Parts Washers, Forklifts, Railcar Movers, Train Hoist Systems, Wheel Lathe Machines, Material Lists.
  • Required overtime may be needed at times based on the needs of the service
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

What You Need to Bring:
(Position Requirements)

  • Must have experience providing constructive coaching and corrective feedback to a work group.
  • Must possess a high school diploma, GED or recognized equivalent.
  • Four (4) years of work experience successfully performing mechanical, electrical, and electronic diagnostic, maintenance and repair functions on large and complex vehicles, machinery and/or equipment.
  • A certificate or degree in mechanical, electrical, or electronic technology from a recognized college, university, technical or vocational school desired, may be substituted for the 4 years of experience on a year-by-year basis. (i.e.: a 2-year automotive

  • technician associated degree can count as 2 of the 4 years minimum of experience)
  • Must be eligible to work in the U.S. without employer sponsorship and successfully pass a pre-employment background check
  • Must pass a pre-employment drug and alcohol screen and be willing to comply with the DTO Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Must possess and maintain a valid United States Driver’s license
  • Must be able to work in a shop environment and pass a physical abilities assessment.
  • Within 90 days of being hired, all technicians must be able to successfully pass the Federal Railroad Administration required Qualified Maintenance Person training program.
  • Experience in a current or previous leadership or supervisory role preferred
  • Lead Technicians must advance their knowledge and competency in the vehicle maintenance field through successfully completing the requirements to move up tech levels. Technicians will be expected to use a combination of paid on the job training as well as off the clock self-paced training, to increase their tech level as follows:
    • All Employees must successfully pass all requirements to reach tech level 2 by 6 months of being hired.
    • At 1 year of employment Technicians should be at tech level 3.
    • For all employees hired above tech level 1, or those already at level 3 or above, all technicians must increase at least 1 tech level per year.
    • Lead technicians must reach level 6 by the end of their 3rd year of employment. Failure to reach level 6 may result in discipline up to termination.
    • Lead Technicians must reach a level 8 by their 4th year of employment. Failure to reach level 8 may result in discipline up to termination.

Physical Requirements:

  • Climb ladders, Balance, Squat, Kneel and Crouch.
  • Walking outside and inside shop work areas.
  • Standing outside and inside shop work areas.
  • Lift and carry heavy objects (up to 70lbs)
  • Able to push and pull objects and in the use of tools & equipment
  • Work in all weather conditions

Other Requirements:

  • Position subject to Hours-of-Service DOT and FRA Regulations.
  • Position subject to DOT and FRA Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations.
  • A pre-employment physical, including a urinalysis drug screen, will be required.
  • This position is classified under the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) as Safety Sensitive and/or regulated under Hours of Service. Under the DOT and FRA, employees in this classification are subject to pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, reasonable cause, post-accident, return-to-duty and follow-up drug testing and/or alcohol breath testing.
  • This position may require the lead to arrive before the start of the techs shift to perform a proper job briefing and turnover.

Why Should You Apply?

If you’re looking to join a railway family that truly cares about you and your success; want work with new technology, hone your maintenance skills and do cool things, this is the place for you! Please apply by submitting your resume to us at www.denvertransitoperators.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Applicants who are authorized to work in the US will only be considered for this position. Denver Transit Operators is an Equal Opportunity Employer.