Top Project Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

Author – Charles Richard

Managing small, large and mid-size projects is something that’s most inevitable these days! Fortunately, we have a plethora of project management tools available at our service. These tools and technologies assist well in managing organisational resources to fulfil a wide range of tasks and activities.

 Recently, I happened to stumble upon an interesting post that focuses on the top agile project management tools.And that’s how I came up with the idea of creating the following post that focuses on the top project management tools every entrepreneur must take into account. Now whether you have simply commenced the business or you are struggling somewhere in the mid-way, several aspects such as donning multiple hats or working with agile/scrum methodologies, and above all you must be ready to scale up at any moment. Go through the post and I am pretty sure you will find the right pick on some of the best project management tools. However, before that, you need to know how to choose the right project management tool or what certain factors must be taken into consideration before choosing a project management tool.

Factors to Consider before Choosing a Project Management tool

1.    User interface

Whatever tool you choose, make sure it consists of an interface modern, simple and easy to understand and seamlessly navigate.

2.    Usability

Another interesting factor to consider is that it is way easy to learn. Also, see whether the company offers good tech support or not. In case, if you get stuck in between, you are able to find relevant tutorials, basically, this seamlessly uses the learning curve.

3.    Integrations

Now since you are managing a project, I am pretty sure you must be working on several existing softwares such as Slack, G Suite, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, JIRA, Evernote, Excel, Salesforce and so on. So whichever project management tool you choose, ensure it supports your existing software application and solutions.

4.    Value for money

Does it offer some value for money or not? You can always choose softwares that is free to start or freemium subscriptions so that you know exactly whether things will work out in the future or not.

5.    Relevant Features and functionalities

Last but certainly not least, how many types of features and functionalities does the software comprise of? For example, does it consist of streamlined work features, collaborating well with team members, real-time updates shared among relevant team members, collaborative features, and whatnot?

Top Project Management Tools Worth Considering

1.    Asana

One of the best project management tools to take into account is Asana. The tool might have been in for a while but it’s still not outdated. It’s one of the most prominent comprehensive collaboration tools that project heads are found using for managing different tasks and activities. To be precise, Asana comprises an intuitive user interface which streamlines communication and optimises transparency. Also, it may quite interest you to know that breaking down a project is quite easy because you can bifurcate things among employees, prioritise within different lists and boards and are well-structured with relevant sections, columns tidiness and amazing visibility.

Here there is a huge scope for conducting real-time communication and you can integrate well using Dropbox and Google Drive.

2.    Trello

Another interesting project management tool to consider is Trello. It was launched back in 2011 and comprises numerous cards and categories, boards, and lists, just so that everyone remains well-organised within the company. It may quite interest you to know that more than 1 million are found using Trello and they are pretty happy about the same. Some of the prominent names making the most of Trello include Google, Squarespace, Fender and Costco.

So what exactly makes Trello a cut above?

  • No code automation
  • High-end integration
  • Advance checklists
  • Cost-effective

3.    Kissflow

This project management tool was developed in Chennai with the same objective to streamline businesses and workflow to a great extent. And you know what’s the best part here, the tool supports more than 13 languages including Japanese, Russian, German, Korean, French, Brazilian and whatnot! No wonder reputed names such as Pepsi, Flipkart, and Domino’s are the top customers of Kissflow. Do you know what makes kiss flow enter the list of top project management tools around? Well, here everything is pretty much automated. Right from dragging and dropping different foams to meeting the deadline, conducting dynamic appointments, and whatnot! Right from API integration to auditing, and user management, everything can be well taken care of here. Also, by using Kissflow, it has been guaranteed that overall productivity and efficiency will increase.

4.    Proofhub

Another best project management tool that must be used to collaborate and work effectively is the proof hub. The tool itself turns out to be all-inclusive. The basic idea behind the creation of the tool was to create something that works as a one-stop solution irrespective of the organisation’s needs, size and industry vertical. Right from accurate time tracking to chats, discussion boards, team calendars for staying aligned, a quick reporting system, Notes for attaching, storing and sharing valuable content, In-app notifications for deadlines, and so forth.

5.    Basecamp

Last but certainly not the least tool to consider is the Basecamp! Again another ideal project management tool that must be taken into consideration no matter what! Did you know that as of now Basecamp’s users are around 3.5 million accounts? Some of its amazing features include – seamless and smooth to-do lists, all the docs and files being pretty well-composed, and being available at a very nominal price.

Final Thoughts

Managing a project can never be easy and it will never be! However, these aforementioned tools can definitely assist you well irrespective of your project size, type and industry niche. Whether you want to deliver short-term or long-term goals these tools can be quite of a help. So why not give them a try?


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